Nathaniel Gingoyon Lozada Family

Nathaniel was born on February 11, 1957 in Cebu City. Nathaniel graduated as a Med Tech but currently work as a Technical Support Representative for a Biotech company. His first wife Arlene divorced him and he now lives and plays golf with his second wife, Jennifer Johns in Vallejo, California. Nathania graduated from UC Berkeley in '05 with a BA degree in Mass Communication and is currently working part-time at a TV Station Channel 2 based in San Leandro. Arnelle graduated from FIDM in '05 finishing her AA in Fashion Design with plans to pursue her BA and she currently works part-time for Levis Strauss in San Francisco.

His Children with Arlene Jabonero
1. Nathania Aileen (Natnat)    
2. Arnelle Nathan (Tanya)    

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